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Toroid Transformer 230V, 2xSec, 30VA

High quality open style 30VA toroidal transformers with a single 230V a.c. 50/60Hz primary winding.
Twin secondary windings may be connected in series, parallel or used independently.

  Toroid Transformer 230V, 2xSec, 30VA   Schematic - Electrical   Primary: 230V @ 50/60Hz

Secondary: 2 x Vsec @ 15VA Each
Suitable for Series/Parallel connection
  Open wound toroidal transformer  

Part Number Full Load Vsec (V) Rated Current
per Sek (A)
No Load Vsec (V) DC Resistance (Ohms)
@ 25°C
0030P1-2-006 2x6 2.500 2x7.17 2x0.2551
0030P1-2-009 2x9 1.667 2x10.65 2x0.5510
0030P1-2-012 2x12 1.250 2x14.19 2x0.9201
0030P1-2-015 2x15 1.000 2x17.74 2x1.4488
0030P1-2-018 2x18 0.833 2x21.44 2x2.2213
0030P1-2-025 2x25 0.600 2x29.75 2x4.2757

Primary Winding

Input Voltage Range: 230V ± 10% (207V - 253V) @ 50/60Hz
DC Resistance @ 25°C = Approx 92 Ohms
Magnetising Current @ 230V = Approx 2.8mA
Magnetising Current @ 253V = Approx 16.0mA


Iron Losses 0.25 Watts approx
Copper Losses 6.71 Watts approx

Temperature Class

Winding Wire (Primary & Secondary) - Class H (180°C)
Insulation between input and output - Class B (130°C)
Connection lead insulation - Class A (105°C)


Approved to UL506: File E215495
Approved to EN61558: KEMA Certificate 2001469
Conforms to EN60065, VDE0550, 8S415.

Physical Data

Approximate Dimensions:
Diameter 70mm - (Measured away from lead-out bulge; Allow extra 4mm at leads.)
Height 32mm

Approximate Weight:
0.45 Kg


UL 1569 Flexible leads, 150mm Long with 10mm stripped ends, double-insulated over entire length with Class A PVC tubing.

Solid copper conductors (extension of winding wire), insulated over their entire length with PVC tubing. 150mm Long, 10mm tinned ends.

Mounting Hardware

Each transformer is supplied with a mounting kit, comprising: 2 pieces of Neoprene Insulating discs, 1 piece of Dished Steel Washer

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