NORDTEK DANMARK - U Port SMD 1xInterface 3,0KV -

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U Port SMD 1xInterface 3,0KV


  • matched to Infineon´s PEB2096, PEB2196 & PEB2197 chipsets
  • excellent and consistent balance between windings
  • compact sizes in through-hole and surface mount packages
  • complies fully with all international standards for U-Interface
  • manufactured in ISO-9001 approved facility
  • operating temperature: -40° to +85°C
  U Port SMD Transformer 1xInterface 3,0KV
Electrical Specifications @ 25°C   Turns Ratio: Bold = IC Side Windings

Surface Mount UPO Interface Transformers

Complies with Reinforced Insulation Level EN60950, UL1950 and UL1459

Part Number Turns Ratio
(mH Min.)
(pF Max.)
DCR (Ohms) VP
Primary Secondary
UHJ-185 1:1:2:2 1.7 20 120 20 1.3 1.3 3,000

Test Conditions:    
Inductance:   Line side windings in series - measurement @ 10kHz, 100mVrms
Leakage Inductance:   Line side windings in series, IC side winding short circuited - measurement @ 100kHz, 100mVrms
Coupling Capacitance:   IC side winding in series to Line side windings in series @ 10kHz, 100mVrms
Test Voltage:   3kV for 2 sec. Line side windings to IC side windings
Reinforced Insulation :   Line Side in series to IC side in series
Working Voltage:   250Vrms

Dimensions & Schematic

Dimensions & Schematic - Pins

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