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COJ - Octal 4 Port E1/T1 Common Mode Chokes


  • Low profile (6.0mm) and light weight (4.0 g) common mode choke modules providing excellent EMI reduction in Quad PortT1/E1 applications
  • High density board placement with modular design
  • SMD package facilitates pick and place compatibility while ensuring consistent and reliable co-planarity
  • Excellent quality at extremely competitive price due to high volume production
  • Manufactured in ISO-9001 approved facility
  COJ - Octal 4 Port E1/T1 Common Mode Chokes

Electrical Specifications @ 25°C

Test voltage between windings: 500 Vrms
Operating Temperature Range: 0° to +70°C
Storage Temperature: -25°C to +105°C
Test Frequency: Inductance measured @ 100kHz/20mVrms
Standard packing in either anti-static tubes or in tape and reel
Weight: 4 grams


The 16 data line common mode choke module has been designed for T1/E1 applications and provides EMI suppression for data and signal line filtering

COJ Octal Common Mode Chokes for Data and Signal Line EMI Noise Suppression

Part Number OCL
(µH Min.)
(mOhms Typ.)
Common Mode Attenuation
(dB Typ.)
100kHz 1MHz 10MHz 30MHz 50MHz 100MHz 300MHz
 COJ-16-470 47 200 7 27 40 44 42 36 26
      100KHz 300KHz 1MHz 3MHz 5MHz 10MHz 30MHz
 COJ-16-502 5,000 400 26.4 38.2 40.1 32.2 26.4 20.8 15.6

Dimensions & Schematic

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