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Cross Reference Pulse - Talema

Current compensated EMI noise suppression chokes for data and signal line filtering

Common Mode Interface Choke Cross Reference Guide
Pulse Engineering - Talema

LAN and Telecom Applications
Pulse Part No. Talema Part No. Talema Data Sheets
23Z104SM CMJ-4-680 CMJ, DLF
23Z105SM CUJ-680-16A CUJ, DLF
23Z106SM CUJ-680-16D CUJ, DLF
23Z87SM CMJ-3-680 CMJ, DLF
PE-65738 CUJ-340-16E CUJ, DLF
PE-65853 CQJ-4.7-B CK-CD-CQ, DLF
PE-65854 CFJ-4-470A CFJ, DLF
PE-65857 CCJ-4-260 CCJ, DLF
PE-67540 CCJ-4-101C CCJ, DLF
PE-68602 CUJ240-16D CUJ, DLF
PE-68624 CFJ-3-470B CFJ, DLF
PE-68627 CFJ-4-240B CFJ, DLF
PE-69011 CUJ-340-16B CUJ, DLF
R0003 CFJ-3-240A CFJ, DLF
T8003 CFJ-4-330A CFJ, DLF
T8005 CFJ-4-472A CFJ, DLF
T8006 CFJ-4-471A CFJ, DLF
ST5193T CMOJ16-502 COJ, DLF
T8008 COJ-16-470 COJ, DLF

DIL and SMD Common Mode Interface Chokes

Cross Reference Umec - Talema
Cross Reference Vacuumschmelze - Talema
Cross Reference Vogt - Talema
Cross Reference Inde - Talema

This cross reference is for general information only. Please compare the data sheets of both manufacturers for electrical and mechanical specifications. No liability is assumed as a result of  the use of this cross reference.

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