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Electronic Starter for extremely quick start of fluorescent lamps 4-65W

The RAPID TubeSaver uses a DC pre-heat system to quickly heat the lamp cathodes to working temperature, before applying a controlled voltage pulse to strike the arc. This method of ignition prevents unnecessary damage on the cathodes inside the tube and significantly prolongs the lifespan of the tube.

RAPID TubeSaver also works as a fluorescent lamp safety starter as it has a built in safety monitoring system, which shuts down the system in the event of a fault. This prevents dangerous overheating and the annoying flickering, which is associated with the old-fashioned glow type starters.

Is used:

Stair wells, toilets and other rooms where a very fast start of the tube is required.


Normally there are no disadvantages by using this TubeSaver, but some "cheap" fittings can, when RAPID TubeSaver is mounted, give of a "rattling noise" at the moment of ignition. This is due to the quality of the components inside the fitting and the special pre-heat system in RAPID TubeSaver and does not affect the lifespan of the fluorescent light.

- Ordinary glow starters can immediately and very simply be substituted with TubeSaver. -


Operating voltage:
Pre-heat time:
Operating temperature:
Pulse height:
Safety shutdown:
For Lamp types:

200-260V ac 50/60Hz
approx. 0.4 seconds at 20°C
-5°C to +75°C
1500V max
within 1 second
4W tube to 65W tube -
see sheet

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